Friday, June 4, 2010

::2 Carrot Walnut Cake without Icing & 2 Choc Mousse Cake::

::Carrot Cake ordered from my colleague K.Azizah and another one from Cikgu As::
::Choc Mousse Cake ordered from Cikgu As, deco yang sungguh la tak lawo..tempek dengan choc nak deco with hard choc, tak sempat dah midnight sangat.sorry Cikgu As::
::Add some walnut in the morning coz rasa plain sgt....hopefully the taste is ok, wait for the testimonial from her hehehe::
Note: another 1 Choc Mousse cake not deco yet, because my fren will take the cake tonite..

::ordered from my old fren shah to bring back to Penang in-laws house, not so smooth the coating..need to practice & practice more::

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