Saturday, June 26, 2010

::Walnut Brownies Topping with Choc Ganache::

::Ordered by my friend Hana for her 5th Anniversary::
:: Testimonial by Hana : Aku suka sangat & sedap sangat ::
::Thanks beb and keep continue order from me! ;p::

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

::Brownies Topping with Cheese::

::Ordered by K.Niki, friend of my sister. Deco from her idea as well and hope her husband and herself like it::

Monday, June 21, 2010

::Carrot Walnut Cake::

::Ordered by Jamaliyah, friend of Tanty::
::Actually she request for half cheese only, but I didn't managed to snap picture, this is previous picture which is without cheese::
Testimony : Sedap sangat.Tak manis and the whole family pun suka makan.Thanks time nak order lagi.will let u know soon. 

Friday, June 18, 2010

::Carrot Walnut Cheese Cake::

::Ordered by my friend of my friend Tanty::
::8" & 1.5kg::

Thursday, June 17, 2010

::Carrot Walnut Cheese Cake::

::My Aunt ordered for his son on his 25th Birthday...My own idea of deco the cake - arsenal, ball & nike (nampak macam kayu hoki hahaha)..I'm not satisfied my deco, need to improve a lot...::

Saturday, June 12, 2010

::Marble Cheese Cake & Almond Tart::

::Ordered from my sister for high-tea chit chat with her good friends::
::Small marble cheese cake, erkkk a bit crack..I still can't unidentified how it can crack. Need to practice & practice::
::Almond tart, wowww really hope the taste is good...I really can't wait to get feedback form them. I replace cherries instead of raspberry, and the medium and small one I forgot to put those cherries. and forgot to buy slices almond..hahaha...I bite the small one to taste it hehehe...I think a bit sweet...practice & practice more!!!::

Friday, June 11, 2010


::Marble Cheese Cake::
::Crack sikit huh agak frust...hope the taste is nice, birthday gurl belum sempat makan lagi::
::Carrot Cupcakes::
::I really can't wait to post today's post as it's specially for my best friend, AZNA. I and his husband plan this surprise for her..I delivery by myself and make she waiting thought of waiting for her husband friend coming to sent some documents..hahahaha...cupcakes I deco without going any class yet but I proud of myself I did as what i plan, buttttttttttttt 2cuppies left in my fridge!!just notice went i back home..adoiaiii sory to her and hubby so much...hope she extremely happy and it will be memorable for the rest of her life::

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

::Marble Cheese Cake::

::Ordered by friend of my niece, Fad for today. 1st time tried bake in small size. I'm not staisfied with it and need to improve a lotttt for next time::

Monday, June 7, 2010

::Assorted Fruit Tarts and Almond Tarts - NEW MENU::

::French style of fruit tart, marvelous, walah!!!::

::Almond Tart, my sisters told me this one is really fantastic one::
::This is my fav one, full of strawberries::
::I really had a great weekend as I've got chance learning fantastic of tarts::
::All the ingredients and fruit is imported, quite expensive but really worth it to paid for::

::Marble Cheese Cake::

::Ordered from K.Nini my neighbour for 5th June 2010.First time terima order marble cheese cake..alhamdulillah menjadi and received positive comment from her, just need to improve the base because bila potong hancus base tu hehehe::

Friday, June 4, 2010

::2 Carrot Walnut Cake without Icing & 2 Choc Mousse Cake::

::Carrot Cake ordered from my colleague K.Azizah and another one from Cikgu As::
::Choc Mousse Cake ordered from Cikgu As, deco yang sungguh la tak lawo..tempek dengan choc nak deco with hard choc, tak sempat dah midnight sangat.sorry Cikgu As::
::Add some walnut in the morning coz rasa plain sgt....hopefully the taste is ok, wait for the testimonial from her hehehe::
Note: another 1 Choc Mousse cake not deco yet, because my fren will take the cake tonite..

::ordered from my old fren shah to bring back to Penang in-laws house, not so smooth the coating..need to practice & practice more::