Friday, December 10, 2010

::Banana Moist Cake with Choc Grated::

::Ordered by my colleague, K.Ina for makan2 with her family for their holiday in PD::

::Choc Steam Cake with Ganache Topping::

::Ordered by my cousin for his son, I'm so excited prepare this cake as usually I always seen the "soccer cake" at other people's blog I manage to do it...alhamdulillah menjadila jugak hehehe...Thanks to Kak Long...::

Thursday, December 9, 2010

::Buttercream Vanilla Cupcake & Banana Moist Choc Cake::


::My 1st time attempt and 1st order of cupcakes after fews months attending the cupcake class:
::Ordered by my neighbour K.Faridah for Raya Haji::
::She also ordered Banana Moist Choc Cake. As I forgot to snap the whole cake, this is how the cake look like after I cut half of the cake for Raya Haji::

::Cheese Cake & Marble Cheese Cake::

::Ordered again by teacher or my niece, Cikgu Maheran for Raya Haji::
::2kgs of Plain Cheese Cake & 1/2kg of Marble Cheese Cake::

::Choc Steam Cake & Banana Moist Choc Cake::

::Both of this cakes I bring to the office for my birthday treat for my colleagues, but still not enough I guess even bring 2 whole cake hehehe::

::Choc Steam Cake with Ganache Topping::

::Ordered by my best friend Maisara for her 2nd Anniversary:
::Happy that she luv it::

::Marble Cheese Cake::

::I'm back after a while didn't post all the orders I received after Raya, so it will be like a marathon post hehehe::
::Ordered by my cousin, Syazwa for her office::