Saturday, May 29, 2010

::Marble Cheese Cake::

::Really happy after I know how to do the design. finally hehehe::

::Choc Mousse Cake with Oreo and M&M Deco::

::Specially for my nephew on his birthday, 1st trial for own deco hehehe..great coz all turn out great::

::Banana Moist Cake with Choc Grated::

::Who love banana cake, should tried this out::

::Fruit Tart - Peach,Grape,Strawberry::

::Ordered from Office Colleague, K.Azizah - 1set::

::Fruit Tart - Peach,Kiwi,Strawberry::

::Ordered from Hana for Mentua, 40 pcs::
::.Thanks Beb, Order lagi n lagi hehehe.::

::Fruit Tart - Peach,Kiwi,Strawberry::

::Ordered from K.Lin, S Size of fruit tart::

::Fruit Tart - Peach,Grape,Kiwi::

:: order 2 set of fruit tarts from Neighbour, K.Nini for 23rd March 2010 - peach,kiwi,grape ::

Fruit Tart - 1st trial order